Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TV Kids Video

Blog Post 3

This entire process of having audio as a foundation was new to me. I really felt it was impossible to make an interview audio piece that incorporated secondary sources efficiently. However, after my second go at it, I flourished the reorganized dialogue with sound effects, and music- I fell in love with the result. It was a tedious to do at first, I don’t know if many people do this, but I wrote out every word, and um Melissa uttered so I would know what I had and what I would cut. This proved to be the most useful step I took since it allowed me to fix up the dialogue in a very efficient manner. I now know the importance of audio, it will definitely make a video piece more interesting, contrary to what I previously believed: the visuals should be put first, followed by the it’s matching audio, accordingly.

Despite being satisfied with my audio production; I really struggled trying to match my video content with it. Therefore, even though I now audio is very important to a piece- I probably won’t go out of my way to make it a solid audio clip for another video project. I had one recorded clip of Melissa’s introduction- lip syncing that was so difficult. She said the first part in line, but the second part (which ended up being used) was too fast, so I had to slow it down, and this is apparent due to it’s stabilization issues. Next time? –Play back is required for lip syncing.

Melissa was courteous enough to send me a whole bunch of photos of her as a child. I cropped and edited most of them before importing them into the editor. I wish I used more effects, like the Ken Burns effect on them so it would have more movement, however I struggled with making them as subtle as possible, so I just left it all out. (I got headaches from the fast/slow zooms; I was also fed up with the motion points too, this is something I need to practice with). In the end, the struggle of compiling all of this together makes me really respect editors in the field. Every piece I watch now, I have to go “Oh geez, how long did it take for them to get all these shots combined?” –it’s a true skill and gift to be able to tell a story through visuals and audio from all different types of medium- I hope to one day be able to hone this skill and do it for a living.

p.s. It's common sense to save every couple of minutes while editing, yess??? -I need to get some, the impossible program corruption occurred when I was 80% done, and had to do it all over againnnn. -Oddly enough I didn't mind re-doing the video, it allowed me to have a second go at the decisions I made before.

Edit 11/21/11

I came to check on my post when I realized the video I had uploaded last week was not playing right- so I had to re-upload it today on to vimeo.

Hopefully it plays right and is working efficiently this time around. This has been a very technical problem heavy project. *crosses fingers*