Monday, December 19, 2011

Reflection on MEDP160

I definitely felt this course was a step up from MEDP150, I keep expecting to go into depth and learn everything about a specific program- but I was quite satisfied with how much we went through this semester. I feel like again it was just a crack at the surface.

I really really wish animation was longer. The audio and video projects were well worth the time, but seems like something editors will figure out on their own anyways- animation on the other hand was something I never ever tried before. To have had more time to work with animation and html would've been great since we did video editing in 150.

I was really excited when twitter was brought into the lectures- that was a great example of implementing social media in a real way. I personally didn't get much from lectures unless they had visual material, or if it was a run through a project we were going to work on. More exposure to the program helped.

I also enjoyed watching other people's videos and projects- it's a great source to learn from other students, and I was quite impressed with everyone's work.

Overall it was a great semester, I hope I can continue to hone my skills effectively from this point on.

Thanks so much for you guidance and assistance this semester, Sam!!!